Keeping Up with Home Improvements: Easy to Clean Surfaces

Recent advancements in home materials have led to the development of shower glass that resists spotting, thanks to innovative coatings that repel water and prevent the buildup of soap scum and hard water stains. Additionally, other household surfaces, such as countertops and flooring, are being manufactured with similar easy-to-clean technologies. These materials often feature non-porous surfaces or special treatments that resist stains and grime, making maintenance simpler and reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. This shift towards low-maintenance, durable materials is revolutionizing home care, offering both aesthetic and practical benefits for homeowners.

  • When you need to work on your credit. Maybe your credit score is just starting to recover, but you need more time to pay down debts for a couple of years. With rent-to-own, you could start investing in a home while you bring up your score.
  • You’re close, but not quite ready to secure a mortgage. You might have a good job with a significantly bigger salary, but you haven’t been there long enough for a lender to consider it a stable source of income. Or maybe you’re self-employed and you’re still building a reliable track record. Rent-to-own allows time to build personal wealth and financial credibility while working toward your homeownership goals.
  • When you know you’re going to buy when the lease expires. If you’re not ready to buy when the lease expires, then you will lose any rent credit, i.e. investment, you’ve put into the home.